The Overview

Yanni is a Greek-American, Grammy Award nominee composer, keyboardist, pianist and music producer with over 40 platinum and gold albums totalling over 25 million copies in sales. While ‘Live at the Acropolis’ is ranked as the second best-selling music concert video of all time, ‘Live at India’s Taj Mahal’, ‘Live at China’s Forbidden City’, ‘Live at UAE’s Burj Khalifa’, ‘Live at Puerto Rico’s El Morro Castle’ and ‘Live from the Great Pyramids of Egypt’ are amongst the most loved Yanni signature performances to date.

The Requirement

‘Yanni World Tour 2014’ included over 20 countries of which Sri Lanka was one. The requirement was a competent creative and marketing agency to execute a high intensity 360 marketing campaign for the Sri Lankan arm of the tour. ‘Yanni; World Tour, Sri Lanka 2014’ was unprecedented in standard, cost and expectation. A first for the local entertainment industry! The requirement to produce results, in the form of 80% pre-bookings at unprecedented price points and with no-prior educative case studies and references, was unequivocal.

The exuberant event cost and seating limitations (of the largest indoor stadium in Sri Lanka), demanded the ticket categories be priced high, setting a local record for the highest priced ticket category for an event of this nature. In addition, the niche market appeal, limited marketing budget and the current lack of infrastructure to accommodate online ticket sales, factored into ‘Yanni; World Tour, Sri Lanka 2014’ being one of the most challenging, result oriented 360 marketing campaigns to be successfully executed to date.

The Delivery

The Delivery

Capitalizing on marketing streams producing the highest ROI, pulling on sponsorships and working with partnerships, we had to meticulously manage the budget. Cutting costs meant getting as much done in-house. From an extensive 6-week social media sprint to running in-studio ticket sale simulations and spending hours-on-end at production houses to eventually managing ecstatic fans, ‘Yanni; World Tour, Sri Lanka 2014’ defined 360 marketing and event management which set the benchmark for the local entertainment industry.

In addition to the end result being a record breaking, benchmarking, sold out event, 60% of the 80% pre-booking requirement was achieved within the first 24 hours of the tickets going public!