SoShiro is the Marylebone based flagship brand of designer and creative director Shiro Muchiri. As a collaborative platform, consultancy, event space and shop, SoShiro nurtures, celebrates and communicates artistic and cultural diversity, with a mission to bring the richness of the world’s art, design and craft into the popular imagination in a way that is exciting, relevant and mutually beneficial to all.


The main requirement was a revamp of SoShiro’s online store, to more accurately reflect and communicate the brand standards while enhancing overall user-experience. Following which, we’ve delivered on multiple digital and print based marketing communication and corporate collateral requirements, including the product catalogue, corporate proposals, brochures, emailers and invites.  



From the very outset of the project, our commitment was to deliver an end product which was a celebration, of SoShiro’s key brand attributes; ‘sophistication’, ‘style’, ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘elegance’. Remaining faithful to the brand guide, the revamped online store comes wrapped in a custom designed responsive user-interface. While our approach was to construct ‘mobile-up’, enhancing user-experience for mobile, which amounts to a majority share of user devises, an overhaul on the overall experience was in order. Back-end upgrades include enhanced features and functional elements, optimized overall performance and security modifications and migration of the platform to a reliable content management system, making client-end updates convenient and stress-free!

The art direction we created for SoShiro’s marketing communication and corporate collateral was inspired by the very pieces showcased on the platform. Our design approach embodies the artistic, graceful, minimalist, contemporary and expressive nature of SoShiro’s stunning product portfolio. Remaining faithful to the brand guide has ensured the consistency and continuity of all digital and print based marketing communication and corporate collateral we’ve produced for the client.