The Overview

As Sri Lanka’s only Fair Trade guaranteed handloom manufacturer, Selyn Textiles offers ethically sourced and handcrafted textiles for eco-conscious designers. Imbued with an ethos of sustainability and style, Selyn Textiles is the evolutionary consequence of Selyn, a Sri Lankan brand of handloom handicrafts produced by a thriving community of 1000 Lankan handloom artisans. Certified by the World Fair Trade Organization, and with the seal of approval from PeTA and REACH, Selyn Textiles’ fabrics are 100% vegan and toxic chemical free.

The Requirement

Conceptualizing a brand identity which was distinct, relatable and contemporary was the overarching requirement, the delivery of which was composite of logo, website and swatch book design and complementing content creation consisting of copy, photography and videography.

The Delivery

The Delivery

Our approach was to create a brand identity which resonates with high-end, global textile, craft and interior design industries looking to contribute to the narratives of Sri Lanka’s culture, heritage and history. In conceptualizing Selyn Textiles’ brand identity, we considered data relating to the global market of high quality handlooms to establish Selyn Textiles as a powerhouse in the international handloom industry: a manufacturer of carefully curated and ethically sourced fabrics catering to designers involved in fashion, textile, interior, craft, art and print mediums, the world over.

In formulating Selyn Textiles’ logo, we paid meticulous attention to the boldness of the typeface, the curvature of the letters as they intertwine and played around with the phenomena of negative space, to instill a sense of strength and resilience in Selyn Textiles’ emblem of empowerment.

With contemporary design principles of ‘Big, Black and Bold’ informing our artistic direction in designing Selyn Textiles’ website, we adopted a neutral color palette to create a clean visual imprint on the user’s mind, juxtaposing it with the earthy vibrancy and textures of the fabrics, thereby allowing the product catalog to take center stage. Careful consideration of UI/UX design principles while navigating through the Selyn Textiles website, led us to create a primarily mobile-up, streamlined website: visually minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, beyond the fold.

In creating the swatch book and executing the videography and photography of Selyn Textiles’ fabrics, we decided to adopt an abstract, texture based approach which seeks to celebrate the calming yet versatile earthy tones and detailed patterns of the fabrics weaved during the manufacturing process.