RevitalizeDNA, a luxury skincare and wellness clinic, was established by founder and esthetician, Sultana in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Offering lavish and enriching skin and beauty treatments ranging from deep cleansing to anti-aging and collagen boosting, RevitalizeDNA provides holistic treatments curated with care for clientele of all ages, genders and skin types, following an initial consultation and in-depth skin analysis with a certified esthetician.


Without a concrete blueprint for its brand identity, we were commissioned by RevitalizeDNA to flesh out a powerful brand identity that captured the appeal of its target clientele. The brand identity package delivered to RevitalizeDNA included logo design, brand and visual guide and business essentials inclusive of business card and letterhead design.



The Divine Feminine, bathed in ethereal light and imbued with a sense of strength and prowess, inspired our artistic direction in developing the brand identity for RevitalizeDNA. We sowed the seeds of feminine resilience into RevitalizeDNA’s image to harvest a bountiful brand, rooted in today’s beauty cultural ideologies of selfcare, self-confidence and self-love. In essence, we proposed a brand identity that not only seeks to plump and pamper your skin but also your soul, a brand with an unwavering commitment to produce a newer, stronger and revitalized you.

Offering three logo and color palette concepts in line with this brand identity, RevitalizeDNA chose a logo design and color palette that boldly reverberated the brand attributes of strength, power and resilience through the visual and verbal medium.

The chosen logo design features the facial silhouette of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, superimposed on a ‘Matte Gold’ DNA strand, to convey RevitalizeDNA’s seamless integration of beauty and skincare treatments that seek to celebrate each client’s genetic makeup and the Divine Feminine which resides within. The motif was accompanied and embellished by the use of the brand name in a complementary Sans-serif typeface.

We also delivered a brand and visual guide which included the specifications of RevitalizeDNA’s branding expressions. This brand and visual guide ensures a consistent and comprehensive communication of RevitalizeDNA’s brand, allowing each client to distinguish its brand presence among the sea of competitors in the skincare industry.