Ready to Launch Research (RTL), a boutique market research agency based in Los Angeles, California, conducts in-depth market research – which includes methodologies like Focus Group moderation, In-depth Interviews, Online Communities, Surveys and Ethnography Research – to unearth consumer behavior, tastes and preferences, while monitoring market trends to provide businesses with industry-specific actionable insights. Founded by CEO, Jenny Karubian in 2014, Ready to Launch Research services a multitude of industries ranging from the Beauty, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Travel and Tourism industries to the Consumer Electronics and Video Games industry.


The overarching requirement was to give Ready to Launch Research’s website a facelift which included the migration of the website to a contemporary platform, upgrading the UI/UX design and setting the foundation for effective SEO.

We were also entrusted with executing the market research firm’s social media marketing campaign, blog and vlog creation and management, and the creation of its corporate reel and presentation template in keeping with RTL’s professional, engaging and dynamic visual identity.



Tasked with the end-goal of boosting client conversions, our development team designed and developed a high value website for Ready to Launch Research using contemporary web design trends and technology. The initial phase of the project was to migrate the previous website to a highly-customizable contemporary platform which exponentially improved performance, usability and scalability.

Once the upgraded platform was ready to be wrapped with a custom-built interface, our design team was tasked with the challenging effort of a UI/UX facelift. Arguably, a facelift requires greater effort than a revamp, as the base identity and approach needed to be retained while ensuring contemporary relevance.

While the front-end technology adopted for the project included HTML/CSS and JavaScript the backend was based on a WordPress Content Management System. Responsive web design, so the website is accessible on all devices, minimalistic UI design to ensure user ease and clarity and great UX for an immersive browsing experience, all while retaining the core essence of the original website, are considerations that demanded our design team’s attention.

The final project phase was the population of the website using optimized content that would ensure effective SEO once the processors were initiated. Our content team completely revamped the original content, creating a hierarchical content structure integrated with relevant high search volume keywords, call to action prompts, blog integration and management and a lead generation module to ensure effective results on SEO efforts which were to be implemented following the launch of the website.

Aware that securing a higher rate of conversion required the generation of more web traffic, we developed and implemented an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign to drive traffic, lead generation and client conversions. Having identified RTL’s target audience based on key demographic indicators like location, interests and behavior, we conducted in-depth keyword research to strategically set up budget-friendly keyword bids based on keyword competitiveness. We then populated the site with SEO copy that included high-volume and low-volume keywords based on services offered and industries served. We also leveraged ad scheduling and A/B tested ad variations to ensure the use of only the most effective and impactful content across RTL’s marketing communications. We regularly monitored campaign performance and success via the ‘Request A Bid’ form completion KPI, conversion tracking implementations, Google Analytics and other web analytics tools to facilitate regular reporting of campaign performance to clients. Our SEO strategy implementation paired with a powerful PPC strategy boosted RTL’s SERP ranking to clinch the top spot on page 1 for ‘Best Market Research Company in California’ in November 2022.

As part of the SEO strategy, we’ve also taken over RTL’s blog and vlog creation and management, to produce search engine optimized content on a monthly basis. The vlog series, titled ‘FAQs with Jenny Karubian’ features RTL’s Founder and CEO, Jenny Karubian answering questions that are frequently posed by RTL clients looking to understand the fundamentals of its market research methodologies and offerings. The vlogs are posted on YouTube and embedded into a blog article on the same topic, featured on the RTL website. While the vlogs offer quick on-the-go tips and answers to FAQs, the blogs dive deeper to offer readers valuable data-backed insights into RTL’s market research solutions set against a backdrop of US economic developments, consumer and industry trends, and other market specific evolutions.

We’ve also been entrusted with the brand’s 2023 social media marketing campaign, the objective of which is to maintain and build RTL’s brand presence within the US business and non-profit landscape. The campaign includes SMM strategy development for RTL’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (formerly known as Twitter) accounts, content creation maintaining a professional, contemporary and engaging copy and design approach, content lineup curation based on industries served and methodologies offered by RTL, scheduled content posting across targeted platforms, and social media management. The aim of RTL’s omnichannel SMM strategy is to divert RTL’s social media followers to its website, driving web traffic and, inadvertently, help RTL secure client bids through organic growth.

We were also honored with the task of creating RTL’s 2023 corporate reel which aimed to introduce the company as a California based boutique market research powerhouse having accumulated over 8 years of experience in the field, helping organizations in over 20 different industries across the globe. The development and execution of the creative concept for the corporate reel involved the process of mind mapping, script-based copy creation, storyboard visualization, videography direction, video and audio selection, video editing, and graphic design, in keeping with a corporate, visually stimulating and minimalistic design aesthetic.

We were also commissioned to create RTL’s presentation template, to be used for client presentations, to present actionable insights uncovered by RTL on a project-by-project basis. In designing the template, we adhered to contemporary design trends, focusing on a minimalistic style to ensure clarity and ease of understanding for the viewers. All graphical representations, charts, and tables featured in the presentation are highly customizable and have been crafted to seamlessly integrate with RTL’s visual identity.