Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Metora is an industry leading data science company offering unparalleled data consolidation, analytics and digital transformation solutions to a diverse global client portfolio.

Servicing SMEs and MNCs located across the Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific regions, Metora leverages best-in-class data analytics tools: Connected Planning, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, to help organizations within the retail, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods industries achieve greater productivity, operational excellence and organizational growth.

The Requirement

In 2023, Metora – founded in 2014 with the sole offering of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions – decided to broaden its horizons and expand its digital transformation technological offerings to include Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning solutions.

In line with the strategic diversification, Metora sought our design and web development expertise to transform Metora’s image into an innovative, adaptive and future-focused brand. In order to showcase Metora’s evolution while retaining the recognition gained over its almost decade long history, we proposed a brand refresh. This involved a logo facelift accompanied by a brand and visual guideline which proposed subtle yet transformative changes to Metora’s logo.

We were also required to perform a website revamp with the aim of creating a contemporary and benchmarking online presence within the industry. This involved the design and architecture of a brand new website which leveraged contemporary UI/UX design principles to highlight Metora’s new offerings and industries served, positioning it as an industry leader through a sophisticated and intuitive user interface.


Considerable effort was taken to retain the essence of Metora’s original logo. Minimal and subtle changes were incorporated into the elements in keeping with current industry and design trends to launch Metora into new frontiers of operational evolution. Simplifying the typographic elements, the brand name ‘metora’ appears in elegant isolation and is featured in lowercase lettering, in accordance with the original logo, in a customized ‘September Medium’ typeface. A reduced stroke weight of each letter coupled with an equal distribution of negative spaces between each letter conveys clarity and calmingly draws the eye to Metora’s symbolic turquoise blue ‘o’ which features a subtly placed databite at its center. To elevate Metora’s corporate image, the curvature and boldness of the lettering have also been reduced, serving to enhance the sharpness of the edges, allowing the logo to personify the attributes of elegance and innovation.

The brand and visual guideline for Metora proposed that the company adopt a highly professional tone and character, balancing sophistication and simplicity across all its corporate communications. It also included the primary logo design, size, placement and usage guides, brand patterns, primary and secondary color palettes, primary and secondary typefaces, business essentials and other corporate collateral applications.

The business essentials which included the business card, letterhead, e-signature and envelope design was crafted on minimalism and elegance, incorporating a quarter of Metora’s symbolic turquoise blue ‘o’ motif as a brand element. We also proposed that when printing the material, the brand element on each of the business essentials be spot varnished for a clean, sleek, and lustrous finish.

In designing Metora’s presentation template, we paid meticulous attention to the typographical elements ensuring consistency in the hierarchical structure of the font sizes across the template. We also incorporated Metora’s brand element in the presentation to align with the proposed brand and visual guidelines to ensure consistency across its corporate communications.

In designing and developing Metora’s corporate website, we prioritized a mobile-up model, while delivering a website that was optimized for all screen sizes and devices with the aim of accommodating a wide variety of users. Based on a clean, uncluttered, and minimalistic design aesthetic in keeping with its brand and visual guide, we leveraged negative spaces, uniformity in design elements, visual cues like engaging images, and the Dubai font which followed a sizing and placement guide to indicate hierarchy, and a content style guide, to deliver a professional website to boost readability and legibility. The use of consistent design principles enhanced the user experience and facilitated user-friendly navigation across the website. We also optimized Metora’s website performance to boost loading speed to provide a smooth and seamless experience.

The copy for Metora’s website, created based on the storybrand framework, adopted a professional tone and simple language to appeal to an expansive audience of C-suite professionals across existing and emerging industries served. The website copy positioned Metora’s digital transformation capabilities as the solution to its target clientele’s organizational and operational problems while appealing to prospective clients’ pain points through emotionally charged yet corporate, formal language.