Colombo 16 is a UK based Sri Lankan fusion cuisine restaurant where the old grandeur of traditional Sri Lankan flavors meets the new. The restaurant offers its customers a refreshing culinary exploration of traditional Sri Lankan dishes, canapes and desserts presented with a modern twist to cater to culturally curious customers of England’s coastal county of East Sussex.


Looking to launch its culinary debut in the UK, Colombo 16 – a name inspired by the concept of establishing Colombo’s 16th zonal district in the south of England – required the design of a brand new logo that captured the blend of Sri Lanka’s culinary heritage and its idiosyncratic island state of mind.

We were also required to design Colombo 16’s business essentials, presentation template and storefront signage.


Having presented 3 logo concepts and 3 distinct color palettes, Colombo 16 selected the logo concept which was thought to best embody its brand, along with the green and light beige color palette to make up the brand’s signature colors.

In designing the logo for Colombo 16, the sun-kissed coastal city of Colombo and its energetic tropical allure inspired the contemporary and minimalistic concept, composite of two primary design elements: an emblematic motif and a simplistic sans serif typeface.

Vivacious and effervescent, the motif depicts playful and animated imagery of a king coconut tree amidst ocean waves lapping over one another, geometrically placed in a king coconut shell – a vessel commonly used for plating Sri Lankan cuisine. Curved lines were intricately woven into the motif, illustrating Colombo’s multicultural and diverse social fabric. The underlying sans serif font, Code Pro Light, a modern take on the traditional Avante Garde and Futura fonts, typographically illustrates a clean, elegant and minimalistic design. While the use of an uppercase wordmark for the brand name conveys a sense of strength to reinforce brand authority, the lowercase wordmark for the slogan was used to achieve an inviting aesthetic appeal.

We were also commissioned to design Colombo 16’s business essentials including its business card, letterhead, envelope and e-signature. We incorporated an embossed motif in the design of each business essential to elevate the sophisticated look and feel of the brand’s corporate stationary, a simple yet transformative design element enhancing the brand’s relevance in the modern market.

We also designed a seven slide presentation template in line with the brand’s visual identity, incorporating a holistic typographical design approach and captivating imagery which served to resonate Colombo 16’s mood-lit, evergreen, tropical ambience, and showcase its carefully curated Sri Lankan fusion cuisine.

Following the brand logo design, we proposed a storefront signage for the Colombo 16 restaurant located in St. Leonard’s, England, which showcased a pattern extension of the king coconut tree and shell motif and wordmarks, to capitalize on the signage real estate available.