The Overview

Perched on the southern-most tip of Sri Lanka, Beacon by the Bay is a luxury coastal boutique villa offering a curated experiential getaway for the discerning traveller. Immersed in local tradition and culture and in close proximity to the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka, Beacon by the Bay dots the landscape of the small southern fishing town of Dondra.

The Requirement

Brand identity was the primary requirement for the new venture followed by the design and development of the website and booking manager together with design propositions for indoor and outdoor signage, installations, POSMs, uniforms and a signature coffee table book.

The Delivery

The Delivery

The correlation between Beacon by the Bay and the  Dondra Head Lighthouse, was an opportunity which we capitalized on creating brand identity. Wordplay aside, the aspiration is that ‘the new beacon’ would be as iconic-an-attraction, synonymous with the southern fishing town, as the 19th century octagonal structure which is debatably the top attraction in Dondra. While the logo reflects this correlation in the form of a scaled illustration of the  Dondra Head Lighthouse as its motif, the elegantly sophisticated serif typeface blends in the contemporary aura of this state-of-the-art villa. 

Our objective for the website and booking manager was to function as a seamless virtual extension of the villa itself, expressive of its character while blending modern sophistication and timeless heritage. The content approach was key in achieving this goal. We constructed ‘mobile-up’ using a custom, responsive user-interface, ensuring a pleasant user-experience across a wide user demography and an advanced back-end for greater security, functionality and performance.

While the art direction was inspired by the balance between retaining cultural heritage and keeping with a progressive future; a struggle true to the small fishing community of Dondra, the picturesque southern coastal hues of Sri Lanka inspired the custom colour palette, made up of ‘Indian oceanic turquoise’, ‘sea sand beige’, ‘beach rock grey’ and ‘coral white’.